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DORA – GTI Assisting Organisations Meet DORA Regulatory Requirements

By Nina Loginov – Chief Marketing Officer

The European Union's Digital Operational Regulatory Act (DORA) is set to have a significant impact on cybersecurity across the EU. As the legislation comes into force, businesses of all sizes will be required to ensure the security of their products and services and

DORA Compliance GDPR

to report any cybersecurity breaches promptly. Furthermore, companies in the digital ecosystem will need to adhere to strict cybersecurity standards to ensure compliance with DORA regulations.

In light of this, Global Threat Intel (GTI), a leading cybersecurity firm, has developed an innovative platform called SysEDGE, which can help organizations to meet DORA's compliance requirements. Through its advanced threat intelligence and endpoint detection and response capabilities, SysEDGE provides businesses with the necessary tools to secure their networks and data against cyber attacks.

Moreover, SysEDGE is designed to help organizations with reporting and compliance through detailed logs and data flow analysis and reports, which can aid in incident response and post-incident investigations. This means that businesses that use SysEDGE can be confident that they are adhering to aspects of the DORA regulations while also benefiting from enhanced security and threat intelligence.

In conclusion, as organizations across the EU prepare to meet the requirements of the Digital Operational Regulatory Act (DORA), innovative solutions such as SysEDGE from Global Threat Intel (GTI) are set to play a critical role in achieving compliance. By combining cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities with advanced reporting and compliance support, SysEDGE provides businesses with the necessary tools to secure their networks and protect against cyber attacks in the digital age.

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