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Simplifying Cyber Security One Deployment At a Time

Cybersecurity is crucial in a world that is becoming more and more digital. Our Advanced Cyber Defense System offers a thorough, proactive approach that incorporates cutting-edge technology to counteract cyberthreats in real-time. We provide a comprehensive security solution that includes gathering and comparing enormous volumes of network data and threat information as well as utilizing Machine Learning and Autonomic Cyber Defense tools. It's time to use our cutting-edge cybersecurity technology to increase the accuracy of your threat detection, strengthen your security operations, and protect your digital environment. 


Intelligence on Global Threats: Utilize our Global Threat Intel Platform to leverage real-time threat intelligence. By combining sophisticated deception techniques with classic perimeter security, AMTD technology ensures effective threat visualization. Our platform quickly adjusts to new threats using ML and autonomous cyber security technologies, offering a proactive, prevention-focused cyber defense mechanism. 


(AEIR) Automated Exposure Identification and Response: Our AEIR solution identifies risks, threats, and vulnerabilities while automating remedial actions for in-the-moment correction. It completely transforms your security operations and boosts the resilience of your business by hastening the integration of security measures. 


Dashboard for the Security Operations Center (SOC): Provide our SOC Dashboard to your team. It offers the capabilities required to swiftly identify problems, take action, and remediate them, successfully increasing people management and maintaining a strong cybersecurity function. 


Cloud-native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM): Our technology guarantees smooth monitoring of your cloud computing infrastructure in the age of the cloud. By defending your supply chain, our CSPM and CNAPP capabilities provide a secure digital ecosystem. 


AATE, or Automated Adversarial Threat Emulation: The proactive identification of security flaws by our AATE function results in improved threat posture. It gives your business a cutting-edge adaptive threat defense, assuring strong resistance against online attacks. 


Polymorphism for Defense (PFD) and Security Context at Machine Speed (SCMS): In response to possible dangers, our SCMS system continuously adapts. Encryption is a polymorphism technique introduced by the PFD feature to improve code execution for stored memory structures and protect from exploitation-based attacks. 


Competent Resources & Effective Pricing: Adopting new technology and procedures that accelerate innovation while upholding a strong security posture can give you a competitive edge. Our effective price structure and open-source cybersecurity capability provide enterprises of all sizes with an inexpensive option. Put human-centered methods first and work with us to improve your security operational model. 

Invest in the GTI Platform and stay ahead of the competition by:

  • Enhancing perimeter protection

  • Supporting large-scale environments

  • Monitoring and securing cloud infrastructure

  • Streamlining workflows with governance

    In the modern digital environment, an efficient cybersecurity defense system is essential since it must continuously gather and correlate enormous volumes of network data and threat intelligence. Our Global Threat Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive perimeter threat detection and response. Our technology improves perimeter security by graphically presenting incoming threats to intercept them at the network border. It leverages sophisticated probes and extensive network and threat data correlation. 

Who is the Global Threat Intel Platform for?

The CISO: Our solution provides a thorough cybersecurity platform for CISOs that incorporates security by design. A strong, flexible defensive approach is offered to CISOs by the Machine Learning-Based Playbook Generation (MLPG), which curates playbooks utilizing generative AI systems for AMTD-driven updates. Finally, the Polymorphism for Defense (PFD) presents encryption as a polymorphism technique to improve code execution for stored memory structures, assisting in the defense of memory or the avoidance of exploitation-based assaults. This extensive set of features gives CISOs the resources they need to protect their firm in the face of a constantly changing cyber threat scenario. 

The Board Member: At the board level, it is critical to comprehend and manage the complicated and fragmented attack surface. Our technology gives board members a comprehensive understanding of the organization's cyber threat picture, allowing them to appropriately prioritize cybersecurity efforts. By proactively identifying and managing possible risks, the Continuous Threat Exposure Management feature lowers the risk of breaches and guarantees the security of the organization's digital environment. Our system also provides a safe foundation for combining vendor portfolios, streamlining operations, and rationalizing suppliers in key cybersecurity areas. At the board level, this promotes effective resource allocation and sound decision-making. 

The Cyber Security Manager: Our system offers managers a strong platform to oversee compliance, coordinate threat intelligence, and implement fresh prevention-based measures. In order to automate reactions for real-time repair, the Automated Exposure Identification and Response (AEIR) system identifies vulnerabilities, threats, and hazards. This enables managers to properly oversee the workload of their team while maintaining a strong security posture. Moreover, the Security Operations Center (SOC) Dashboard provides managers with an intuitive interface for managing security operations and making data-driven choices that lower cyber risk and strengthen the security posture of the company. 

The Cyber Security Analyst: With the help of our system, analysts have access to a wide range of tools that enable speedy threat detection, reaction, and remediation. In order to detect abnormalities and dangers within the network, the ML-Based Network Threat Detection (MLNTD) uses machine learning to network flows, packets, protocols, and encrypted information. This advances threat detection and response beyond simple approaches. Our solution's real-time threat visualization improves perimeter protection by allowing analysts to spot and eliminate incoming threats early in the cyber kill chain. This increases their effectiveness while lowering the possibility that the organization's defenses would be breached by cyberattacks. 

Systems That We Integrate With

 Cyber Security Integrations and tools with servicenow
Cyber Security Integrations and tools manageengine
Cyber Security Integrations and tools qradar
Cyber Security Integrations and tools google chronicle
Cyber Security Integrations and tools azure sentinel
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