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When it comes to responding to a cybersecurity breach ‘after the fact’ defense just doesn’t cut it any more.

The good news is that GTI’s SysEDGE operates at the speed of the attack and can detect and stop matters in REAL Time. That’s good news! 

View our online demo to begin your journey to unleash the power of GTI's advanced cybersecurity and experience the GTI Platform in action today!
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Experience the GTI Difference

At The Speed of an Attack: GTI's Platform defeats cyberattacks. Our real-time warnings and actionable analytics keep you ahead in this complicated cyber scenario. 

Human-Centric Cybersecurity: GTI recognizes the significance of a knowledgeable workforce. Our customized cyber skills training programs promote security in your company. 

Simplify Decisions: Simplified data. Our sophisticated reporting methods simplify cybersecurity information for risk management and business alignment. 

Enhance Board Engagement: GTI helps you engage the board in cybersecurity. Our complete solutions improve board-level governance and cybersecurity investment choices. 

Cyber Defense Center dashboard displaying real-time threat analysis and network activity.
Security analyst monitoring and investigating cyber threats in the Cyber Defense Center.


Our suite of services is designed to support and enhance your cybersecurity posture:

  • GTI Implementation Services: Expert assistance in deploying and integrating the GTI Platform

  • Cybersecurity consulting services: Tailored advice and strategic planning to strengthen your security defenses


With our outstanding team of cybersecurity professionals at Global Threat Intel, specializing in GTI (Global Threat Intelligence) product, discover unmatched network visibility. Our enthusiastic and devoted staff members are committed to working with your team to help protect and respond to cyber security threats. You have access to a wealth of information, cutting-edge technology, and specialized solutions when you choose to work with us. Don't leave your cybersecurity to chance, work with Global Threat Intel's seasoned team and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having top-tier security professionals on your side.

Data fusion and correlation process visualized in the Cyber Defense Center.


Eamonn Keane, Systal Technology Solutions

The GTI Platform has greatly enhanced our threat detection, alert triage and remediation by detecting and streaming threat data graphically displaying incoming threats at the network boundary. The platform has strengthened our SOC analyst's capability to detect, validate, respond and remediate threats with greater expediency. The positioning of the GTI platform on the public side of the network has enabled greater vision of cyber threats with geopolitical intelligence with real-time visibility to our organization and external customers, a feature often not available with other similar products. Additionally, the capability to expediently interdict and stop the attack at the endpoint affected is an excellent feature. The platform is an excellent addition to the threat intel toolset to your organization in applying the Defense-In-Depth approach to detecting, identifying and remediating malicious attacks on any network and with enhanced asset discovery and risk mitigation. I would recommend its adoption and implementation to any organization to strengthen their cyber intel capability and defense. 
Network traffic interception and threat identification at the edge of the secure network infrastructure.


Focusing on providing comprehensive and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions 

• Comprehensive, cost-effective cybersecurity solutions

• Scalable systems for growing needs

• Governance injection for improved collaboration

• Advanced threat detection and real-time visualization

• Open-source technology tailored for diverse infrastructures


we take pride in collaborating with our exceptional partners, who bring their unique expertise and innovative solutions to our joint efforts. Bentear Solutions is a leading tech firm specializing in advanced cybersecurity solutions, while Resilience EXCH offers robust, real-time threat intelligence and risk assessment services. Systal Technology Solutions is a top IT services and solutions provider covering infrastructure management, cloud services, and cybersecurity consulting. Finally, the All Hazard Consortium collaborates with public and private organizations to facilitate swift response and recovery during significant emergencies. Together with our partners, Global Threat Intel is committed to delivering cutting-edge, reliable cybersecurity solutions, empowering organizations to protect their digital assets and stay ahead of emerging threats.


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